====== About SVETAN ======
SVETAN was founded in 1968. It is an NGO with no political or religious affiliation. The association is open to all people interested in Tanzania and its development. The association has three main aims:

* To promote the development process in Tanzania
* To strengthen relations between Sweden and Tanzania
* To spread knowledge about Tanzania in Sweden

The main activities are listed below:

We publish the periodical HABARI with up to date information about Tanzania. We keep an archive of Habari since 1974. Since 2002 previous issues of Habari are available as PDF-files to members/subscribers free of charge.

We support Tumaini Children Centre in Bukoba.

We arrange seminars and meetings covering different topics, as for instance the introduction of multi-parti system and the economical restructure program.

When needed we collect money and material, for instance in the event of floods and other catastrophes.

We inform interested parties about the situation in Tanzania. The information may be required by schools, individuals/groups travelling to Tanzania or people interested in doing business in Tanzania.